When Recovering From Backup Isn’t Possible, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Main-UII generally keep up-to-date backup files of everything that could possibly be important to me. Photos, music, software, and the all important system files. I have a couple of different online accounts for my backups, so I can get to my data anywhere. But try as I might, this isn’t the case with all my friends and family, now matter the amount of data preaching I do. But a friends recent accident suffered at the hands of his toddler brought to mind the importance of having good recovery tools in my personal techie arsenal.

PreviewThe Incident: Reformatted External HDD

Somehow the toddler managed to select and reformat a HDD connected to a Mac that contained a bunch of personal files as well as backup business files. I told the man that I would do the best as I could, but couldn’t promise anything. After playing around with a couple of freeware and shareware programs, I happened across a demo version of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery that showed me all the deleted files I was seeking. They had versions for almost any Operating System, and though I was after the Mac version this time, I got the SPDR Tech version so I could recover data from other devices if I wanted.

Saving-DataThe Level of Service

I was able to recover the mans’ files, and have recovered files from other HDDs, several optical cds, and SD card, and three thumb drives. The program not only works, it works extremely well. As I said, I purchased the Tech version with a couple of additional options, but there is a less expensive Home version that works just as well with most of the files that the average home user will need to recover. If you aren’t too comfortable doing “techie” work, then they also offer recovery service to those willing to ship the device, and with the “Home” and “Pro” versions there are several add-ons. They also offer enterprise packages with all of the best of the software they have to offer.

Deleted-File-RecoveryWell Worth The Extra Expense

While the package I bought hasn’t quite paid for itself yet, money-wise, it has been well worth the expense to me in just a few short weeks. For those I have saved files for, it was worth far more than I have paid for it. I have provided some screenshots in this article to show you what the Windows version of the program looks like, but the Mac version is just as nice. You can find Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery here…