To Find Out What Happened At Roswell In July 1947 Ask A Magician

area 51In July of 1947 Roswell, New Mexico became the center of one of the most controversial debates that is still argued today: Are other worldly beings visiting our planet, and if they are, did the US military actually recover one on that night in Roswell? The answers to these questions have the potential to uncover one of the biggest cover-ups in American history, and resolve the age-old question of: Are we really alone in this Universe? But there’s more to the story than just the potential for alien visitations.

Nothing Up This Sleeve, But Don’t Look Up The Other One

cover-upsYou see, if the government is actually covering up the fact that they recovered a UFO, this is where the real story lies here. If they are covering things of this nature up, they have the perfect situation in Roswell…just ask any Magician that practices sleight of hand. If the government wants to cover up any kind of UFO conspiracy, then while everyone was looking intently at Area 51, and Roswell, our government would have had a free hand to operate almost anywhere else.

Too Much Evidence?

ramey memoOne would think that at some point more physical evidence would have surfaced. The website,, reports that at least 5% of the global population has seen a UFO, and of those that haven’t, 15% or more know someone who has seen a UFO. That’s a lot of people, and while most sightings can be attributed to something earthly, there are many that don’t. But just exactly where is all the evidence of these extra-terrestrial visits going? It’s quite a stretch to say that the Roswell incident was the only crash that has ever happened to our visitors, and even taking into account a “Take nothing but pics and notes – to give your experiences – and leave nothing behind” I still have to wonder: Where is the evidence?

Witnesses Are Fallible, But…

col w blanchardAlmost all of the witnesses reporting UFO encounters written off as crack-pots, but not everyone can be written off in this manner. If this were true, then at least 5% of the global population is crazy…and 15% of us know them. But the fact is that many eye-witness reports come from what is considered unimpeachable sources, even President Jimmy Carter claimed to have had a close encounter. Pilots, military, state and local police, most with highly developed observational skills, have reported sightings.  Are these people “crack-pots?” I don’t think so. A trained observer will question the validity of what they are seeing, before reaching a conclusion about it.

All The Cover-Ups – Where Does It All Stop?

govt secretsThe recent exposure of the massive surveillance programs that have been being run by the NSA and other US government agencies, and the fact that they remained secret until Edward Snowden exposed them, says a lot towards the secrecy that the US government can maintain in it’s programs. The UK has released documentation of their UFO investigations and reports, but these revealed nothing of any use in proving, or disproving the nature of the sightings. I guess we will all have to wait until a UFO parks over the White House to find out the real truth, but will it be an incident like the one described in the movie, “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” where the messenger was killed in spite of the message he was delivering?