New Open Source Hydra NZB Indexer Is Coming From The Ashes Of The Now Defunct

NzbX coA couple of weeks ago one of my favorite NZB sites closed their doors. administrator, Lemon said in a statement that while recovering from a heart attack, he was visited by an agent of FACT, (the Federation Against Copyright Theft,) who threatened him with treatments similar to a movie streaming website, SurfTheChannel. And while Lemon doesn’t run a site anything like STC, (which he told the agent, by the way,) he has been experiencing too many health related issues to keep up with the indexer website and fight the good fight with FACT.

So What Now?

Well, I have fallen back to using the good old search index and NZB creator that comes in the Newshosting Newsreader. But, the newsreaders search isn’t as refined as an index that is well maintained. But even with all that, Lemon said in his statement that he was going to, “ modify the code base – open source it, and make it available as a one-click installer so people can run their own local indexers. I’ll also enable the ecosystem mode so comments, ratings, etc would be shared amongst all installations (if enabled), as well as NZB file sync through the cloud.”

hydraWow, That’s What A Hydra Indexer Looks Like

When I first read the original TorrentFreak article on the entire subject, I wondered what a Hydra-Indexer would do. And, it’s a pretty good idea to use cloud based service to update the open sourced databases. With increasing pressure from the powers that be on NZB sites, indexing sites are closing down at an alarming rate. It seems that FACT and other copyright trolls are concentrating on the biggest and best first. We can only hope that Lemon’s plan to take the index to Open Source comes to fruition quickly.

UNR LogoMore NZB Indexers

I know some of you that would rather use a high quality indexing service, so I have done a little footwork and found that the best and most up-to-date list of the websites that are still open has been posted on UsenetReviewz…a pretty good site where Usenet is concerned. While looking into the NZB index issue, I found that they have a well organized website listing not only the most popular Usenet providers, they list newsreaders, downloaders, and have a lot of tutorials on the more complicated things you may want to do on Usenet.