Juniper Study Shows Over 600% Increase In Mobile Malware Looking For Android Or Jailbroken OSes

villainMcAfee and Juniper conducted studies recently looking at the last year that shows a 614% increase in the number of malware attacks. The main target of these attacks seems to be Android devices, according to the study, though the researchers did say that jailbroken iOS devices have been targeted too.

iDevices Aren’t Out Of The Picture

The “Annual Mobile Threats Report” said that s the Android apps market has gotten bigger so has the number of malware attacks aimed at the devices. It also states that iOS devices that have been jailbroken in order to run Android apps are at risk, too. The study attributed staggering rate of increase to the loose developing environment.

mobile-app-storeWhat The Apps Are Looking For

The study also reported that they had found several free legit apps that had the potential to leak data, and that free mobile apps are at least three times more apt to be tracking your location data, and 2 ½ times more likely to access your mobiles address and phone files that paid apps. The study also said that free apps getting access to account info more than doubled over the last year to 10 ½%.

freebies500 App Stores Hosting Malware Infected Apps

Juniper said that they had identified no less than 500 third-party app sites that have little or no oversight and are responsible for hosting apps that contain malicious malware. McAfee stated that more than 75% of the malware is what is known as Fake Installers. These will trick the user into sending an SMS message to a number set up by the attacker that can deduct an average of $10 per message.

Be Careful About The Freebies

Everyone loves free things. I know I really hate to pay for anything when I know I can get it for free. But there is a limit, because often, you get what you paid for. But, if you just can’t resist the temptation of a free app, at least scan it with an anti-malware program like MalwareBytes.