Best Usenet Provider ? Is there any such thing ?

wolf packIn the increasingly connected world that we live in, the need to be the absolute best, fastest, and most economical, has never been so important. The internet has provided such a massive medium for competitors, that a business really has to be on their toes, or risk losing everything. If you are not striving to be the best of the pack, you will be left behind.

dollar signThe Competition Is Tough 

And, it’s the same for Usenet Providers. The best Usenet providers are those that are always working to at improving the quality of the services they offer to their clients. Another thing that providers have to be competitive in is cost, Some people want stripped down simple services, while others want a lot of extras, things like newsreaders, VPNs and storage are available from some Usenet providers. But the extra services will also add a little to your expense. I use several providers, and fall somewhere in the middle of this scale. I like a few extras, but since I get my newsreader from one service and also use the SabNZBD, (Free – more on that later,) I don’t need a newsreader from another.

quality sealLooking For Quality And Affordability

Since I didn’t need a newsreader, after much deliberation I went with Astraweb and was pleasantly surprised. I am able to max out my internet connection when downloading, if I wish to, retention is awesome, (more than 3 years,) and the price for access is very reasonable. Here’s what I’ve noticed most about them:

  • Price: The price range is $8 – $15, and you can get quarterly and annual accounts to save $$$. 
  • etention: At 1796 days of retention, it is among the highest of the providers I have looked at. 
  • Speed/Security: Unlimited speed, and SSL is available. I am able to max out my DSL connection if I want to. 
  • Server Locations: US and European servers. I don’t travel much, but being close to the server helps download speeds a lot. 


UNR LogoMy Take On Usenet Providers?

As I stated above, I have several accounts. I often use SabNZBD, a great, solid, and best of all, free newsreader, and the Newshosting Newsreader. I connect to Astraweb almost every day just to browse my favorites, and always have great speeds, and browsing. If you want to know more about Astraweb, (or anything else about Usenet,) I go to UsenetRevewz, (Thanks guys!) here:best Usenet provider list