Google Drive And Drop Box – Two Different Solutions To Keeping Multiple Devices In Order

If you are like most of the people these days, you have more than one device, and probably more than one OS that you use in your daily digital endeavors. Swapping back and forth between devices and OSes can be a hassle unless you have all the devices in sync with each other…and there are almost as many cloud storage/syncing solutions as there are device brands and Operating Systems. I have the same problem myself, and here I will discuss the two most popular cloud services on the internet today: Google Drive and Dropbox.

Features And Offerings

Both services have similar offerings, but the differences between them are quite noticeable. Here’s a rundown of the more noteworthy features:

Feature                      Google Drive                                                    Dropbox

Free Storage                5 GB                                                                2 GB

Bonus Storage           +10 GB                                                            +16 GB

Web Edit                      Yes                                                                   Yes

Device Sync                  Yes                                                                   Yes

Versioning                    Yes                                                                   Yes

Offline Access               Yes                                                                   Yes

Sharing                        Yes                                                                   Yes

Security                        Yes                                                                   Yes


So, as you can see, both have great features, but the free storage is a noticeable cut. The “bonus storage” is the maximum additional space given through incentive programs. There is also a noticeable price difference, when you need more storage. Here are the price differences:

Storage Plan        GoogleDrive                 Storage Plan     DropBox

100 GB                $4.99 p/mo.                 100 GB            $9.99 p/mo.

200 GB                $9.99 p/mo.                 200 GB            $19.99 p/mo

400 GB                $19.99 p/mo.               500 GB            $49.99 p/mo.

1 TB                    $49.99 p/mo.                 Pro                $99 Annually p/user

As you can see, Dropbox is a little more expensive, but it will allow multiple users, not just a simple sharing function. Also, I didn’t list them here, but both services have enterprise level accounts for businesses. The business accounts have more storage and similar features. One final note, there are some really good discounts for making your purchases annually, from both companies.


Now, on to another very important consideration: compatibility. Both Google Drive and DropBox  are compatible with most popular platforms, Windows XP+, Mac Lion and Snow Leopard, Android 2.1+, and iOS 3.0+, but Google Drive isn’t available for any Linux distros, while DropBox will work on Ubuntu and Fedora. For web usage both services will work on Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

My Conclusions

I use and like both Google Drive and DropBox, as they both have useful features of their own, though Google Drive has more storage and the bonus storage is a little easier to get. DropBox handles the iOS platform better than Google Drive, and being able to have multiple users collaborating together in DropBox is a very useful feature.