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The Ten Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Usenet Deals (Til Now)

peeking at presentsWhen I was 7 or 8 years old the suspense of waiting until Christmas to see what Santa, (mom and dad,) had brought to me would kill me. I would search endlessly, and when I found one, peel the tape oh so carefully, always placing the gift back in just the exact spot it came from…

That’s what it’s like now, waiting on the various Usenet providers to announce their deals for the holidays. But not all the providers have been so outgoing with their announcements, yet, some have.

Here’s a list of the ten best providers and the Cyber-Monday and Black Friday deals I have found so far, (or not,):


  1. Newshosting – It’s just $5 p/mo if you buy an annual subscription.
  2. Giganews – Use the link and get a Platinum account for a low $15!
  3. Easynews – From Fri. Nov. 29 til Dec. 2 it’s a penny a Gig that is to be used in the 30 day period.
  4. UsenetServer – Through the end of the month, you can get the first month for $5 and then the usual $10 fee.
  5. NewsDemon – No announcement yet, but usually make a great showing for Black Friday.
  6. Thundernews – Also no announcements yet, but they have a reputation for offering deep discounts at the last minute.
  7. Eweka – If you buy 10 months you will get the last 2 to the year for free.
  8. Newsleecher – They have a cool newsreader, but no announcement as of yet..I am waiting patiently.
  9. Ngroups – Also a no show, but they always do make a special offer on Cyber-Monday.
  10. Astraweb – Also a late comer for the holiday announcements, but in the past they have made late offerings.

santa clauseThat’s all I have for now, but check back here as I will be updating this post to reflect the new announcements of Usenet Black Friday and Cyber-Monday deals as I get word of them…

My List Of Top Ten Usenet Providers

I have written on the Usenet subject before, but have yet to include a list of the biggest and best that Usenet has to offer. Here is my list of the top ten Usenet providers: (in no particular order,)


  • Binary Retention: 1,933
  • Newsgroups: 130,000
  • Price Monthly: $15 p/mo
  • Trial:Yes
  • Website: Giganews 


  • Binary Retention:1,923
  • Newsgroups: 80,000
  • Price Monthly: $3 – $17
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: UsenetServer 


  • Binary Retention: 1,923
  • Newsgroups: 110.000
  • Price Monthly: $9.99
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: Supernews 


  • Binary Retention: 1,923
  • Newsgroups: 100,000
  • Price Monthly: $7 – $ $20
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: Newshosting 


  • Binary Retention: 1,900
  • Newsgroups: 60,000
  • Price Monthly: $9 – $29
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: EasyNews

  • Binary Retention: 1,923
  • Newsgroups: 125,000
  • Price Monthly: $10
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website:

  • Binary Retention: 1,923
  • Newsgroups: 110,000
  • Price Monthly: $10
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: 


  • Binary Retention: 1,922
  • Newsgroups: 90,000
  • Price Monthly:$8 – $15
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: Astraweb 


  • Binary Retention: 1,912
  • Newsgroups: 100,000
  • Price Monthly:$3 – $12
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: Newsleecher 


  • Binary Retention: 1,923
  • Newsgroups: 107,000
  • Price Monthly:$5 – $22
  • Trial: Yes
  • Website: Newsdemon 

This list is by no means a comprehensive list, and does reflect my particular prejudices in Usenet access providers. These just happen to be the ones I have tried and believe them to be the best that Usenet has to offer. If you would like a more comprehensive list then check out this website:

Think Your Internet Speed Is Great, Did You Know About ISP Throttling

speed limitsOver the past 15 years, or so, the internet has grown by leaps and bounds…in size, scope, and speed. And, at this point in out history, we are able to say that there are better communications and information exchanging than there has ever been in all of recorded history. And, with this explosion, there was an explosion of providers…and users. So many users in fact that the service providers eventually felt that they had to start limiting the users that used or downloaded the most. This is called “Throttling.” Continue reading Think Your Internet Speed Is Great, Did You Know About ISP Throttling